The edge of chaos, self-organized criticality, ongoing complexification, cellular automata, computation and evolution
Electrons with feelings, what math can predict, agent-based models, stablecoins, probabilistic forecasting & the best of the rest (the 4th age of…
Digital twins, complexity explorables, computational models, F1 & the best of the rest (tech debt, ChatGPT, 10 million pounds of content sludge from New…
More feedback, stock and flow diagrams, system dynamics
System mapping 101: graphs, maps, and diagrams
Norbert Wiener, the inclusion of feedback in science, roots of complexity theory, biomimicry and biomimetics
Control theory, feedback loops in nature, evolution of feedback in man-made systems, circularity of feedback
Sense-making in complex systems, mental models, perils of reductionism, bullwhip effect in supply chain management, law of unintended consequences
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Complexity matters