AI's cognitive revolution, the unholy grail of long-living teams, agile jokes and open systems research into agile limitations
Getting things done in organizations, why digital transformations fail, agility vs agileᵀᴹ, cargo cults, sociotechnical systems thinking, explore …
Teal around the world, how to evolve monoliths, psychological safety, keeping up with the machine learning onslaught
Phase transitions, entropy, sociotechnical systems, the second law of thermodynamics and the third law of sci-fi
The edge of chaos, self-organized criticality, ongoing complexification, cellular automata, computation and evolution
Electrons with feelings, what math can predict, agent-based models, stablecoins, probabilistic forecasting & the best of the rest (the 4th age of…
Digital twins, complexity explorables, computational models, F1 & the best of the rest (tech debt, ChatGPT, 10 million pounds of content sludge from New…
More feedback, stock and flow diagrams, system dynamics
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Complexity matters